Gynecology And Obstetrics Tables

Ensure patient safety and care for patients’ feelings

Gynecology And Obstetrics Tables

Revolutionary Features

Advanced Ergonomics


Comprehensive Data Presentation

Gynecology And Obstetrics Tables excel in presenting complex medical information in a comprehensive manner. With the ability to integrate and display a wide range of data, including case statistics, surgical guidance, and medical education materials, this platform offers convenient and efficient access to essential information for healthcare professionals and researchers.


Real-time Updates and Interactive Communication

Stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in gynecology and obstetrics using Gynecology And Obstetrics Tables, which provide real-time updates based on the latest research and clinical practices. Additionally, the platform facilitates interactive communication among doctors and users, enabling online consultations, academic exchanges, and case discussions. This fosters seamless knowledge sharing and collaboration within the medical community.


Personalized Customization and Intelligent Assistance

Gynecology And Obstetrics Tables allow users to personalize their experience by customizing the displayed information according to their specific needs. Users can arrange and present relevant data and statistical charts based on their preferences. Moreover, this platform employs AI-powered intelligent assistance, such as automated filtering and recommendations of the latest gynecology and obstetrics research, providing doctors and researchers with smart and user-friendly support.

Gynecology And Obstetrics Tables

Versatile Functionality


Experience the future of gynecology examinations with the ET400A Electric Gynecology Examination Table. This technologically advanced table revolutionizes procedures with its electric control system. Effortlessly adjust height, tilt, backrest, and leg positions to cater to the precise needs of medical professionals. Ensuring patient comfort, the table is designed with padded cushions and adjustable leg rests. Its user-friendly interface and innovative features make it a standout choice in gynecology clinics and hospitals. Discover the power of efficiency and precision with the ET400A Electric Examination Table.


Enhance your gynecology and obstetrics procedures with the MT400 Hydraulic Gynecology and Obstetrics Table. Designed with precision and versatility, this table offers seamless adjustments for optimal patient positioning. Its hydraulic control system allows easy height, tilt, and backrest adjustments, ensuring comfort and accessibility. With its sturdy construction and specialized features, such as leg supports and stirrups, it provides a secure and comfortable examination environment. Ideal for gynecology clinics and hospitals, the MT400 Hydraulic Table enables efficient and comfortable procedures.


Streamline your gynecology examinations with the MT400B Hydraulic Gynecology Examination Table. This table offers convenience and efficiency to medical professionals. With its hydraulic control system, adjustments of height, tilt, and backrest positions are quick and seamless. Designed for optimal patient comfort and accessibility, it features padded cushions, adjustable leg rests, and specialized accessories. Combining functionality and comfort, the MT400B Hydraulic Table is a valuable asset in gynecology clinics and hospitals, enhancing the examination experience for both doctors and patients.


Comprehensively Ensure Patient Safety

Obstetrics Procedures

Experience seamless and comfortable obstetrics procedures with our Gynecology And Obstetrics Tables. The adjustable height, tilt, and backrest positions ensure optimal patient positioning during prenatal care, labor, and delivery. With specialized features like leg supports and stirrups, these tables provide a secure and accessible environment for obstetricians to perform examinations, ultrasounds, and other necessary procedures.

Gynecological Examinations

Our Gynecology And Obstetrics Tables are designed to streamline gynecological examinations. The hydraulic or electric control system allows easy adjustments for height, tilt, and backrest positions, ensuring patient comfort and accessibility. These tables are equipped with padded cushions, adjustable leg rests, and specialized accessories like colposcopy instrument trays, making them ideal for gynecology clinics and hospitals for efficient and precise examinations, including Pap smears and biopsies.

Minimally Invasive Procedures

Our Gynecology And Obstetrics Tables are versatile enough to accommodate minimally invasive procedures. With adjustable positions and accessories like armrests and shoulder supports, these tables provide the necessary stability and positioning required for hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, and other minimally invasive surgeries. Designed with patient safety and surgeon ergonomics in mind, these tables enable minimally invasive procedures to be performed with efficiency and precision.

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