Electric multifunctional operating table


1. The operating bed has a power storage function, which can meet the needs of ≥ 50 operations, if the operating room has a power failure, etc., ensure that the operating bed works in the state of no AC power supply to avoid affecting the operation, other homes have some no power storage function, if the normal power supply can not be powered, the operating bed will not be able to continue the operation, affecting the patient's operation time

2. The operating bed has a backup control system, equipped with an emergency control panel on the operating bed column, if there is a problem with the hand pressing the controller, you can use the control panel on the column to continue the operating table operation, and some homes are not a backup control system, if the operating table controller is damaged, it will affect the normal use of the operating table

3. The operating table brake is a four-point electric brake, only need to press the controller by hand for button operation, the operating table can be fixed, while other homes have some or large casters, need to step on the brake for fixation, easy to produce intraoperative operating table shaking and moving, can not provide stability for intraoperative surgery