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The operating room bed is a fundamental piece of equipment in the healthcare industry, designed to provide a comfortable and efficient platform for surgical procedures. These beds come equipped with advanced features that cater to the specific needs of surgeons, nurses, and patients. With customizable positioning options, such as height adjustment, Trendelenburg, and reverse Trendelenburg, they ensure optimal patient positioning during surgery.
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Patient-centered and user-friendly as the development basic principles for us, has made Techartmed become one of the leading manufacturers in China. Close cooperation with the hospital and years of experience have resulted in our tries and improvements of our tables. Engineered for increasingly complex surgical scenes, ET800 comes with extreme loads in any position. The modular structure enables it to be adapted to match the size of the patient and in no time at all it can be equipped for any surgical discipline. A longitudinal shift of up to 310mm makes the ET800 even more versatile.


Developments made in the conjunction with doctors: this is one of the basic principles which has made TECHARTMED the world market leader for operating tables. Close cooperation and years of experience have resulted in tried and tested products which facilitate the work in the operating room and help to increase the safety and comfort of the patient. Best example: this table can maintain stability in any position even with extreme loads. The modular structure enables it to be adapted to match the size of the patient and in no time at all it can be equipped for any surgical discipline. A longitudinal shift of up 350mm makes the operating table even more versatile.


With reference to the advantages of congener products from home and aboard, can meet the demands of different position on operation. 24V battery that meets the operating demands for one week, better ensure the table work under safe voltage.


ET700A is a multi-functional operating tablethat meets various requirements of operations. 340mm horizontal sliding suitable for X-ray and C-arm. “T-shape" base design makes enough free space for the doctors. High automation, low noise, high reliability.

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Choosing the Right Operating Room Bed: Key Factors to Consider.

Table of Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Importance of Choosing the Right Operating Room Bed 3. Key Factors to Consider a. Patient Safety and Comfort b. Adjustability and Ergonomics c. Weight Capacity and Stability d. Infection Control and Cleanliness e. Accessibility and Mobility f. Durability and Maintenance g. Compatibility with Equipment and Accessories h. Cost and Budget

Operating Room Bed Manufacturers: A Comprehensive Guide to Medical Equipment

Introduction: Operating room beds are essential medical equipment used in surgical procedures. These specialized beds provide a comfortable and adjustable platform for patients during surgeries, ensuring their safety and well-being. In this article, we will delve into the world of operating room bed manufacturers and shed light on their crucial role in the healthcare sector. 1. Importance of Opera

Enhancing Patient Comfort and Safety: Innovative Operating Room Bed Designs

Table of Contents: 1. Introduction 2. The Importance of Patient Comfort and Safety in the Operating Room 3. Evolution of Operating Room Bed Designs 4. Key Features of Innovative Operating Room Beds 4.1 Adjustable Positions for Optimal Patient Support 4.2 Pressure Redistribution Technology for Improved Circulation 4.3 Infection Control Measures for Enhanced Safety 4.4 Ergonomic Design f

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