Manual Hydraulic Operating Tables

The Manual Hydraulic Operating Table is a versatile medical apparatus designed to provide flexible and reliable patient positioning for various surgical procedures. This table utilizes a hydraulic system operated manually to ensure smooth adjustments in height, tilt, and lateral tilt enabling surgeons to achieve optimal positioning for different types of surgeries. Its sturdy construction and compatibility with surgical accessories make it an essential tool in operating rooms, supporting surgical teams in delivering precision and efficiency in diverse medical settings.
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This operating table all adopts mechanical control. Manual hydrualic control tabletop elevation, gas spring control back plate and leg plate. Double section back plate design can perfectly replace the function of kidney bridge. Reverse trendelenburg and trendelenburg, lateral tilt are all side handle control. A longitudinal shift of up 320mm makes the operating table even more versatile. All cover made of 304 stainless steel, easy clean and nice appearance.


MT600 is widely used in multiple surgery disciplines. Table design adopted europeanism precise appearan. Matte surface premium 304 stainless steel are anti-corrosion and anti-rust. Central controlled large castors enables free wheeling without noise. Individual leg plates and back plate are controlled by gas spring for convenient operation. Key parts are imported from Germany.


MT300 is widely used in chest、Abdominal surgery, ENT, gynaecology and obstetrics, urology and orthopedics etc. Hydraulic lift by foot pedal, head operated movements. The base and column cover all made by premium 304 stainless steel. Tabletop is made of composite laminate for X-ray,makes a high definition image.


All mechanically operate, hydraulic lift. Back and leg plate are controlled by gas spring. Worm gear drive adjust the lateral tilt(left/right), trendelenburg and anti-trendelenburg movements. Simple structure and easily operate. The"T-shape"base design meets the ergonomics principle, makes enough free space for the doctors and very suitable for general surgery.

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Durable Manual Hydraulic Operating Tables: Essential Equipment for the Medical Industry

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Durable Manual Hydraulic Operating Tables: An Essential Tool in the Medical Equipment Industry

Introduction: Durable manual hydraulic operating tables play a crucial role in the medical equipment industry, especially in the field of healthcare. These tables are designed to provide optimum support and flexibility during surgical procedures, ensuring the comfort and safety of patients and healthcare professionals alike. In this article, we will explore the significance and advantages of these

Enhancing Surgical Precision with Manual Hydraulic Operating Tables

Table of Contents: 1. Introduction: The Role of Manual Hydraulic Operating Tables in Enhancing Surgical Precision 2. Understanding Manual Hydraulic Operating Tables: Definition and Working Mechanism 3. Advantages of Manual Hydraulic Operating Tables for Surgeons 3.1 Increased Precision through Adjustable Positioning 3.2 Enhanced Patient Accessibility and Comfort 3.3 Improved Ergonomics

The Importance of Durable Manual Hydraulic Operating Tables in the Medical Industry

Introduction: In the fast-paced world of medicine, having reliable and durable equipment is crucial for healthcare professionals. Manual hydraulic operating tables play a vital role in ensuring patient safety and comfort during various medical procedures. Let's explore why these tables are essential in the medical industry and how they enhance the overall quality of healthcare. 1. Enhanced Stabili

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